Winston Heights – Mountainview

Winston Heights – Mountainview was established in 1932 with much of it’s growth and expansion happening in the 1950s. It is located along the west escarpment of the Nose Creek Valley. The official boundaries of Winston Heights – Mountview are Edmonton Trail to the west, Deerfoot Trail to the east, 16 Avenue NE to the south, and the lane between 34 Avenue and 35 Avenue NE to the north.

Winston Heights – Mountainview has a great community association which is very active in the community, providing many activities and resources for residents. You can learn more about them and all the awesome things they do here.

Other fun facts about the neighbourhood:

  • The population (2014) is 3,845
  • 58% of dwellings are owner occupied
  • 46% of dwellings are single family homes
  • 289 cats and 512 dogs call Winston Heights – Mountainview their home (along with their humans)
  • Its most immediate neighbours are Renfrew, Tuxedo Park, Greenview Industrial and Vista Heights
  • Winston Heights – Mountainview boasts two golf courses – Fox Hollow and the recently rebranded  “The Winston Gold Club”

Winston Heights – Mountainview is a great neighbourhood for families and seniors. With a moderate selection of amenities and activities and a convenient location, Winston Heights – Mountainview is a neighbourhood that will continue to thrive.

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